The Human Error

by Rest Ashore

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SpookyGhostKid thumbnail
SpookyGhostKid I really can't get enough of your work. I do hope I can catch the next live show whenever that may be. Favorite track: The Human Error.
ルイス thumbnail
ルイス Guys here make some refreshing tones and very contagious for the most part. The only thing I may criticize is the mixing, but overall pleasantly fun record. Jump around with Lonely Tropical Fish at full volume. Favorite track: Lonely Tropical Fish.
Kyle Bass
Kyle Bass thumbnail
Kyle Bass One of my favorite albums! I love how jazzy and mathy this album gets. This band definitely has a unique sound that I havent heard before. I cant wait for the new album! ily guys! Favorite track: Chinese Opera.
tachyon thumbnail
tachyon One of my all-time favorite albums. As many great mathy, emo bands as there are out there, nothing else sounds or feels quite like Rest Ashore Favorite track: Ambulance Crash.
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This is the first full-length album by Rest Ashore. The songs were written between 2010-2014.

Sometimes people just don't understand you... It's so hard to be different... Wow... It's okay... Life is hard... But we're here for you... We will never leave you, even though there are hard times. Close your eyes, and pretend we are next to you... Stretching and invading your deepest chasms... We will never pull out, and always be one with you.


released January 9, 2016

Written by Erica Butts
Guitar/Lead Vox: Erica Butts
Guitar/Vox: Franklin Savulich
Bass: Gabriel Bond
Drums/Vox: Isabelle Baker
Vox: Georgia Sebesky ("Perfect Blue")

Recorded by Wild Iris Music
Additional Recording by Marcel Rudin
Mixed and Mastered by Rod Shepard at Xanthi Studios


all rights reserved



Rest Ashore Hoboken, New Jersey

Hoboken, New Jersey

Erica, Gabriel, Isabelle, Seby

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Track Name: Chinese Opera
If fame is just the way to your heart
let me lead you to the stage thats made of
dismembered body parts
fame is just the way to your heart
then let me lead you to the stage thats made of
cocaine opium scars
hey now don't you cry
this knife immortalizes when we get that blood
to discharge

and as my tentacles crawl to you
you wake up groggy confused
you're so sedated and invaded into
and so stretched out in the nude
but we're fucking for peace
and then you rub on my teeth
and then you cut it
but fuck it
and you're spreading the tears in your dress

kyuujyuu nanayon do
taihen da

ichi ni san shi
Track Name: Lucy's Theme
i miss the veil of reality
i want to feel my mind back in my body
i want to feel some security
surrounding me
like the fish wrapped up in the sea

put your head on my shoulder and waltz to the beat
with the chemical leaf
awake while you dream
packed up my things leave my keys on the sink
but youll never miss me
the way you miss delinquency

the blood and the wine mixing
makes a stain on the sheets
the tongue and the teeth and a kiss on the cheek
makes a heart of a beast sing
and I admit I've known jealousy
has been my worst enemy
but lucy turns cold
turn her body to soil
as the sweat and the tears on her skin start to boil
Track Name: Beautiful Passionate Indian Animals
in my past life i was a mermaid
i would sit on the rocks and watch the horizon
one day a ship crashed all the men drowned
and they sank to the bottom beside my house
i buried them beneath the sand and they
rose up and floated back to land
except for one man!
he swam

now i cant afford a car
i wouldnt make it as a student in college
now i gotta find a job
and put an ID in my wallet

bringing me down
down to the bottom with your claws wrapped around me
now youre swinging this blade
as the flame brushes past your face

i dont wanna be the cause of your disbelief
but you know the routine, its not you its me
theres a million other fish in the sea
why waste your time waiting
Track Name: Ambulance Crash
divide up the earth
and split up your body in thirds
stop when you get hurt
wrapped up in fireworks

but god can you keep me from thinking these things and go
back to pretending we never knew each other

sharpen your teeth
and roll up my sleeve and bite me
my lungs want to laugh
flip over
ambulance crash
Track Name: Barefoot South
well I never was as pathetic as you were before
but say things were different now say I had changed
i'd still stay right here looking for people to blame
but myself

I told my best friends that I found the one
but I haven't found my way to her yet
told my best friends that I found the one
but I haven't found my way away from her
'cause it's so hard

but I still tried to understand

what I had wasn't love but obsession
I changed my ideals, my words my intentions
'cause nobody knows what I really want
nobody knows but you
Track Name: Perfect Blue
wouldnt have made it to prom on time if my spite werent attaching every segment of my spine
wouldve had myself buried alive if i didnt remember better uses for time
cause it didnt work in this life
maybe it will in the next
maybe ill find someones wife to sacrifice as a mistress
or an elixir for tricking someone to fall in my pit
and then entrance them for showing some flesh and then undress

but this is not the way that our daddy raised us

cause weve had our ups and downs
but what could we be now
you set me up for
torching your wedding gowns

wouldnt have used any reason to try if i wasnt addicted to your moaning and sighs
and out of the times i have watched you cry I realized being malicious is just as much of a crime
but i stand by my innocence
never told much of a lie
though I admit that sometimes I mightve tightened some ties

but if i live forever
i hope im not haunted by your ghost
cause i could either press my lips upon your kiss
or press my wrists against your throat

but this is not the waaaaay
Track Name: I Saw the Devil
how did i end up going to a party activate social mode, got a bit tired of being alone so i bought a second telephone
sitting here thinking how this shit gets old, courting and mating and taking girls home
study get married and die
study get married and multiply

in the wine and the colour in the womb of your mother her daughter is the center of all of my attention so i pick up where its at and go

you are the sickness that infects me you are the poison that runs through my veins sing a song with me to make things right between us take your time its alright, yeah

girls in white dresses sigh, disappointed look in their eyes, virgin blood drips down her thighs
all goes well
so they cant tell that they saw the devil in you
Track Name: Lonely Tropical Fish
I can't hide
how I feel inside
well that's it
is deflowering
your thing
if it is
then I'm in

but I needed you I
had nothing to believe but you I
had nothing to believe but you
nothing more than disease and food

I decide to hide what I am
Track Name: Jawclip
beauty scars don't you recognize your bite mark
clip your jaw
cage unlocked beside the bell jar

if I couldn't swim then I would drown to you
if i couldn't walk then I'd crawl all black and blue
to paint you a picture that you can see right through

he gets into your room "how did you get into my house"
well I guess I followed you but I don't remember how
Track Name: The Human Error
ive been lying so still lately
natures been having her way with me
to keep me damply dreaming sharply spinning my strings
cocoons to put your fluid as i milk out your ink

think of all the men reincarnated
from dead women just to get their revenge
cause if i know one thing, its that unusual situations follow me constantly
behind me and my misery

and i should be sorry
for what ive done to you
please be calm dont panic
be strong!
waiting for the cue to move to the music
wondering what the fuck did i do to deserve this but
if your arms go reaching for me
ill find my way back to you

ive got the brick to your window and the scissors for your power lines an
for all 4 of your tires because
i feel it floating down into my kidneys